Lux Property Group is built around the team concept. We found that using a team of specialists is the best way to help clients achieve their goals. Our team concept is a win/win solution because clients will have a team of professionals focused on their goalsall for the price of ONE AGENT! Our clients love our level of personal service since each member is accountable for their area of specialty. Each of our team members focuses on their ONE THING so we are working together to achieve perfection.

Lux Property Group team members are driven to be role models in the real estate industry. We are dedicated to making the home buying and selling process as easy as possible for our clients all while educating them along the way! We want each client to have such a great experience they tell all of their friends, families and co-workers about us!

Our Mission Statement:

TO PROVIDE the best possible personal service to as many people as possible and build our database of longterm, satisfied clients.

TO MAINTAIN a professional and efficient work environment which helps all of our team members achieve his or her personal goals and goals as a team.

TO DEAL with the public fairly and honestly.

TO SET a positive example and be wellrespected, top producing members of the real estate community.

TO EARN a profit to provide for our families and do the best job possible for the clients we represent.

TO HAVE fun!

Our Vision:

To be the #1 (in production) and most respected real estate team in the state of Arizona.

Our Defining Core Values:

Every word we speak and every action we take shall exude:

1.) Passion In all that we do.
2.) Teamwork Value each other as individuals as well as partners.
3.) Synergy The collaborative effort of our energies to create the power of unity
4.) Unity To always remember that the whole is greater than the sum of each part
5.) Self Mastery Never stop seeking knowledge
6.) Growth Busting Through!!!! Where Ceilings become Floors.
7.) Exceeding Expectations Never stop wearing our WOW!!
8.) Purposeful Intense Sense of Direction
9.) Big Why Knowing whats important so you achieve what matters
10.) Discovery- Discovering who we are so we know what drives us
11.) Abundance an overflowing of all things positive, and sharing that abundance.
12.) Compassion for those we work with, those we work for, and everyone we meet.
13.) Enthusiasm even in the smallest of details.

Our Beliefs:

We are real estate experts. We learn from the best and love to teach our best practices to others. Problem Solving is our super-power. We will let nothing stand in our way as we achieve our goals. Our driving force is our tenacity.

Our Perspective:

In a world where every other person we know has a real estate license, true full-time professionals with local knowledge & expert negotiation skills are difficult to find. We work hard to be the go to real estate team for everyone!

Our Pledge To You:

As your REALTOR, it is our job to understand your needs and respond to them promptly, professionally and with integrity. It is our pledge to provide you with sound real estate advice, helping you to understand the wisdom of the decisions you make.

By being your REALTOR, our relationship is built on trust. Value and service will be provided before, during, and after the transaction, so that your changing needs are always addressed and satisfied.

It is not only our business philosophy, but also a commitment to provide you with exemplary personalized service beyond your expectations. Our practice is to listen, hear and truly understand your needs; a quality of business conduct that often seems to have been forgotten in todays fast paced, highly automated society.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

-Barbara Jordan